"The way we're working isn't working."


    Tony Schwartz - Founder and CEO

Over 16 years, The Energy Project has developed a scientifically-based approach to energizing people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so they can perform sustainably at their best.

To embed and sustain high performance, we build cultures of continuous learning, feedback, and growth so that people’s capacity can keep pace with relentlessly rising demand. We have energized companies including Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Coty, Ahold Delhaize, Edelman and Save the Children.

By understanding how people think and feel at their best, organizations can help them perform at their best.

As a Senior Facilitator for The Energy Project, I get to be part of the amazing work of helping people and companies design a better way of working. Here's what we maintain: Human beings are not computers. We’re not meant to run at high speeds, continuously, for long periods of time, running multiple programs simultaneously. Science tells us we’re at our best when we move rhythmically between spending and renewing energy — a reality that companies must embrace to fuel sustainable engagement and high performance.

Special Offer: During this time of sheltering-in-place. quarantining, and working remotely, The Energy Project would like to offer you and your organization a FREE live, online, 60 or 90-minute workshop called

"The Fear Factor: Building Resilience in a Time of Crisis."

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