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The Core Values Index

How much time and energy does your team waste misunderstanding each other? How is that two people can look at the exact same challenge, and come at it from totally opposite perspectives? Why do we keep having the same conflicts with the same people over and over again? 

The Core Values Index ("CVI") is a phenomenal assessment tool that helps individuals understand and appreciate their unique contributions, and helps each person on the team understand and appreciate what their teammates bring to the mix, as well. The CVI reveals EXACTLY why team members--even with the best of intentions--keep butting heads.


The CVI takes only 10 minutes to complete, and unlocks a wealth of insights. Are you a senior executive? Click HERE to take the CVI for free. 

Find out how this powerful tool can help your team work together more collaboratively, and have fun recognizing and tapping each person's contributions along the way. 

Cost: $3000 for a 1/2 day in-person team workshop / $2500 for a 1/2 day virtual team workshop.

For a complimentary consultation on how to bring the CVI to your team, click the button below. 

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