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I've never met anyone who woke up in the morning thinking, "I need a coach!"

I know plenty of people, however, who start their days with a knot in their stomach, thinking: 


"I'm dreading going into work again...

"I've got to get this leadership thing figured out...

"I don't know why I keep being misunderstood...

"I've tried every technique I know, and my employees are still ready to mutiny...

"What if they figure out that I'm flying by the seat of my pants?"

​I'm passionate about partnering with leaders whose intentions are great, who are ready to do what it takes to bring their personal, authentic best to their work, and who aspire to bring out the best in others.


Coaching gives you the space each week to "come up for air," and reflect on the kind of person and the kind of leader you want to be--without the immediate consequences associated with just "thinking out loud." You'll have the chance to confidentially reflect on your experience, and make concrete decisions about how you want to re-engage in a way that is both effective, and authentically you.


Your investment in yourself will pay dividends to you, and the people around you. 

I invite you to take advantage of a complimentary appointment to explore the possibilities of collaborating together in your desire to be a more effective, more authentic leader.

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