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What is an "abrasive leader?"

An abrasive leader is any individual charged with managerial authority whose interpersonal behavior causes emotional distress in co-workers, sufficient to disrupt organizational functioning.
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When the behaviors of abrasive leaders are not addressed, it costs the organization on many levels: their teams lose morale, they lose respect for other leaders who don't address the problematic behaviors, they lose revenue because their teams cease being as productive, and they lose even more time, energy, and revenue because of higher turnover. 

When the abrasive leader is coached directly on the negative perceptions co-workers or direct reports have of them--and when they understand why those perceptions are happening--the changes in their behaviors positively impact morale, productivity, and retention.


Is there someone in your workplace you suspect may qualify as an "abrasive leader?"

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Read this excellent interview to get a sense of the approach I take coaching abusive leaders.
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